Teeccino, A wonderful blend of herbs and nuts, that offers a tantalizing, rich taste and it has an amazingly pleasant aroma. A cup of “morning” pick me up without the punch in the chest. Something that use to happen to me every time I had my morning cup of regular coffee. Yes, I discovered that bean coffee, caused me to have heart palpitations. Oh, how this realization hurt my heart, literally.

I so love, getting up before the other members of the household to enjoy my communion with my God. I usually awake around 6 or so, brew a fresh pot of coffee, grab my Bibles, pencil, ink pen and highlighter.

Oh, but I must have a glass of ice water, a pillow to prop my feet on the coffee table, and then I’m ready to start my day. I’ve done this nearly every morning Since I came into a relationship with my Lord. My coffee and God, are the perfect start to a perfect day.

So, when I started getting these weird sensations in my chest, it alarmed me to the point of deciding to go see my doctor. She asked a lot of probing questions, and after I had answered. She determined, that the coffee was more than likely the cause of my having the palpitations.

The doctor suggested that I cut my daily dosage. What! Nooooo, not my morning coffee. I couldn’t bare it. I looked forward to sipping my scrumptious, chocolate, flavored Java every morning. What was I going to do?

Well, a few weeks went by and I was going through it. I tried to ease my withdrawal symptoms with tea, laced with cream. Ugh! It wasn’t working. Tea just couldn’t give me the same robust flavor that I got from my coffee.

Some mornings, I would drink cocoa. Tasting the chocolateness of the cocoa I liked it and was somewhat appeased, yet it to lacked umph!

I was tempted to run back to my chocolate coffee addiction. When one day I ran into my friend Tracey, while shopping in whole foods. We greeted one another,

Quickly discussed what we were doing that day, showing each other wonderful veggies to add to our daily smoothies. Then I told her about my coffee dilemma. Crying about my woes and addictions, I was determined to find a substitute.

That’s when she pointed me towards it, “Teeccino”. Tracey walked me towards the shelve, explaining  the many different reasons why she liked the various varieties. I was so excited that I chose two different flavors that very moment. Mocha chocolate was one and the other, Almond Amaretto. I’m am so convinced that this is the best find since I have been on my no coffee journey. Caroline MacDougall, I truly thank you for this delicious creation!

You can purchase this Herbal coffee from many different places such as   Caroline’s website, Amazon.com, and Whole foods.  I wanted to share this wonderful solution, with others that might be on the same no coffee journey.  “Teeccino” Just might be, the coffee substitute you’re looking for!