Lemongrass Mint

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The mixture of butters used, gives your skin a creamy moisturized feel.  This soap is very bubbly and soft feeling to the skin.

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Lemongrass Mint soap has a fresh scent that causes nostalgia to set within me. This scent is and old one that my grandmother loved. Oh, don’t worry it’s freshness is wonderful not boring.  The mixture of butter and oils used in this soap, gives your skin a creamy moisturized feel.  This soap is very bubbly and soft feeling to the skin.  It delivers fluffy bubbles, each scented with the sweet fragrance of freshly cut lemongrass and mint.  This is a top seller for us and my batches do not last long.  So I am always making this one for my customers.   Shea butter which is well known for its conditioning properties for the skin, adds to the beauty of this bar. My soap has a natural color creating a rustic but beautiful looking soap.  It will clean and moisten your face and body with the nourishing elements of olive oil, coconut oil, and Shea butter.

Home made soap should not be allowed to sit in water, for this will cause excessive melting.  Place soap on a good draining soap dish or a sponge to allow soap to dry between uses.

5 reviews for Lemongrass Mint

  1. Waverly Davis

    I absolutely love this soap, it smells wonderful and creates a nice lather. I would highly recommend this soap to my family and friends. Thanks to Shea’Sational for lovely soap!

    • Adrienne

      Aah Waverly, thanks for your support. I’m glad to have met you!

  2. Lisa

    The Pinot Grigio soap is the first soap I have tried from Shea’Sational and I really like it. This soap bubbles up and has a smooth texture. It leaves my skin feeling soft. The smell is light, which I appreciate in a soap. I am looking forward to trying others. Thanks!

    • Adrienne

      Thank you, Lisa for the wonderful review. I look forward to helping you discover more of my soap scents and the benefits to your skin.

  3. Veronica Andreas

    Love this soap. I started using it on my face when I ran out of my drug store facial cleanser and was very pleased with how soft and hydrated my skin looked. I also use the exfoliating soap on my face once and week and have been very pleased with the results. Thanks for making such great products!

    • Adrienne

      Thanks verinoca, I also use the Pinot grigio soap and love its smell and feel. Thanks again!

  4. Elizabeth Nobbe

    Sorry this is not on the right page—for the Frankincense soap. Couldn’t find one. Shea’Sational’s lovely frankincense soap moisturizes, cleans, and feels as if it is regenerating me inside and out. I looked up aromatherapy for this oil and was astonished at how many things it does: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits-of-frankincense-essential-oil.html. This is a great way to start the day or an aid to restarting it if need be.

    Many thanks, Adrienne!

    • Adrienne

      Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for that wonderful review, I love the Frankincense too. It is such and old reliable skin rejuvenating and aromatherapy oil, which is why I chose it. It has been used since the beginning. The Bible references it in the beauty routines of many of the woman of those days. Thanks again!

  5. James (verified owner)

    Great later and fragrance. I love this stuff!

    • Adrienne

      Thank you James!

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