Lemon Lavender Hair & Body Butter

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My all natural, plant based, skin and hair, Citrus scented, whipped Shea Body Butter, will make you feel almost guilty.  It’s wonderful silkiness &  fabulous fragrance causes you to think “luxurious”.

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This nourishing creamy butter, penetrates your body and hair, as you massage it in.  The warmth of your own body temperature helps this luxurious butter to soften.  Replenishing the oils lost out of your hair and skin, from your daily exposure to the natural elements. To increase its hydrating power, wet your skin and hair then apply.  For you natural haired girls, this additional step will not only help this butter to nourish the hair but helps to give it stretch, shine as well as, bounce. Sealing and protecting the natural oils in the hair. The tantalizing aromatic blend of Lavender, lemon, and other essential oils, will sweetly enhance your daily personal body & hair care routine.

DIRECTIONS:  After bath at night apply a decent amount to your skin, Massage gently onto skin, allowing Shea butter mixture to penetrate! This product helps to lock moister into the skin after freshly bathing.  Those following a natural hair regiment will find spritzing hair with water first helps this butter to seal in needed moisture.Products

This product will melt at 70 degrees.  If shipped during this weather temperature it can arrive melted.

Placing jar into the refrigerator once received, this will naturally restore its solidification.  The butters look will be changed, yet the butter will retain its wonderfully, nourishing, beneficial properties, as well as, its tantalizing sweet aroma.

Also available: Coconut Tea & Orange Rosemary

Shea’Sational Goods attempts to use as little synthetic preservatives as possible but utilizes natural ones. These will not preserve as long, so please use the product in a timely matter or keep refrigerated.


3 reviews for Lemon Lavender Hair & Body Butter

  1. Robert

    About a year ago I wanted to grow my hair out, so I started using this product. I wish that I can show you my hair from then to now. My hair is three times the length, Sheasational’s hair and body butter is the bomb….

  2. alilah

    In charlottesville va at the whole foods i met the lady that made this product and bought the lemon lavender hair & body butter and i love it, my hair is soft and manageable, my skin in moisturizing and smells good, great high quality and professional product.

    • Adrienne

      Hello, Alilah, I am so glad that you like the Sheabutter! Thanks for the nice remarks!

  3. Gerilee

    I have had eczema on my hands all my life, and I play the fiddle, so the cracking skin on my fingertips was a real problem. Since I’ve been using Adrienne’s body & hair butter on my hands every night, my skin is much more supple and resists the cracking. You can’t get rid of eczema altogether, but this product really makes a huge difference.

    • Adrienne

      Oh, I am so thrilled that my butter helps your eczema! My baby also has it, and my soap and butter have softened the affected area very well.

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