Lemon Eucalyptus Body Mist


When headed outside, to shop, lounge, play or work in the yard. This body spray is an excellent energizer for a quick light, refreshing spritz.

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A refreshing cooling mist for your outside days and nights!

This is a nourishing mist that’s light and refreshing. This body mist comes in  2oz,   4 oz, and 8 oz bottles can be made upon request.

Lemon Eucalyptus body mist is an excellent energizer when used as a quick light, refreshing spritz.  Spray on your skin when you are suffering from a headache or joint pain, it will help you tremendously.

Essential oils deliver a wonderfully soothing scent affecting emotional balance, giving you a relaxed, calming sensation.  You will love the natural uplifting effects of the eucalyptus alone on your natural aura.  While enjoying the reviving properties that the lemon will have on your mind & spirit.



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