Aromatherapy Oils


Try one of these Aromatherapy oils to find out what I am raving about.

My oils are mixed with coconut oil to make it skin massage ready. You only need to rub it on your wrist, your neck and a dab behind your ears to began your smooth journey into relaxation!

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Aromatherapy Oils to lift your spirits and enhance your life!
I just finished eating an orange, and I’m feeling some kinda Satisfied!

You know how just peeling an orange can make your tongue water and salivate in anticipation of eating it! Or how walking through a garden that is planted with lavender can make you sniff the air in sheer delight of it’s aroma.

That’s because the essential oils in that orange is a natural mood enhancer, feeling your olfactory glands with sense tingling sweetness as it helps to you find your happy place.

Being born and raised in California, I know this sweet smell very well. It brings back memories of me walking down the sidewalk lined with orange trees, and reaching up plucking one off just at the peek of it’s sweetness.

Lavender is another beautiful oil, that acts like a sedative, relaxing your being into a soul softening hug. I guess God knew what we would need to keep our lives straight.

Natural lavender oil is highly effective in calming your nerves and, helping you to feel a sense of peaceful.

What about the lovely scent of ylang,ylang flowers?

This oil has an exotic floral scent that enhances your mood for love. It is known as a natural aphrodisiac, and used in many skin loving massage creams and lotions.

I fell in love with this beautiful scent and added it to my aromatherapy oil collection.



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