Shea Butter My Sweet Balm

I wanted to share a natural fact with my current and future customers about the kinds of butter I choose to use in my products. I use both the unrefined and the refined Shea butter in my body butter and lotions. This is a choice that I have rested upon, based on my personal experience and customer testimonies about the products I make. Unrefined shea butter has a fresh nutty scent that reminds me of nature, every time I am working with it. Often, I can see within my mind the women picking the nuts from the branches, cracking them, and separating the edible nuts from the shells. I saw a documentary once showing how this process is done, it is long and tedious.

The Shea nut is a staple food for a large part of the population of  African people. Often, the nut is harvested for eating, in order to gain nourishment for their bodies. Yet, the nuts are also processed into butter that richly nourishes the skin and hair. The people of Africa have used this God sent, nutritional nut for centuries. I am so fortunate to benefit from the hard work of the native people, and I try to purchase this product from fair trade sources at all times.


This wonderful creamy butter in its unrefined state allows me to create my creamy nourishing hair and skin products. The fatty acids present in shea butter are extremely enriching and beneficial. Its presence helps the shea butter to lock moisture within the hair. Just the right amount of moisture needed to make curly hair soft, manageable, and bouncy. The natural vitamins present in shea butter penetrates the scalp to soften and feed the skin, eliminating dryness and itchiness. It also provides a combination of nutrients needed by the hair follicles when in its growing stage. My natural haired customers love the way that my shea butter hair cream protects and nourishes their hair.  Most are delighted, and often surprised by the rate of their hair growth since they started using the cream and hair lotion products.

Shea butter also has the superior ability to bring healing to the damaged scaly skin. It can permanently stop the damaging effects of hereditary diseases such as eczema, and psoriasis. My convinced loyal customers can attest to this fact. These wonderful effects can be found in both the unrefined butter as well as, the refined butter, which I use to create most of my creams and lotions. Sufferers of these debilitating skin ailments can find permanent relief if their hygienic routine is amended to include shea based soaps, butter, and lotions.

I have experienced personally the healing properties of shea butter on my babies skin. She suffered from psoriasis that caused her skin to flake to the point of bleeding. Everything that I used just didn’t work, not even the prescribed ointments from the pediatrician. Once I changed her daily moisturizing routine and began bathing her with shea butter based soaps, her skin healed. No longer did she have bloody scaly skin, it became moist and soft.

These are just a few personal reason why I began to make shea based soaps and lotions. I wanted to share these remedies with you. You can read some of the testimonies left on my site by my loyal returning customers.

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