Hello all, just stopping by to talk about my sons hair growth. This is one of my sons that decided he wanted to grow his hair as long as possible. We started upon this journey about a year or so ago, and I thought it would be nice to share some pictures of his hair growth journey.

in deleware

Because I didn’t think to take pictures at the beginning of this hair journey, I will include a representative picture of our starting hair length. Though he was much older when we started, I do not have exact date photos.

short hair 1

He had always worn a close crew cut, primarily due to his daddy being the house hold barber. Daddy made sure the boys hair stayed well groomed and cut very low. This eliminated him having to remind the boys to comb their hair. It also freed me from having to deal with anyone’s hair other than my own.

That was then, but not now. I now have the “pleasure” of braiding my sons hair at least once a month.


I do it mostly out of charity for my son, knowing how expensive it could be for him. It would cost a lot of money for him to go to a shop to get his hair braided. Yet the trade off is, I get to test my products on his hair. He is my live in guinea pig sorta speak. Having another head of hair that I can experiment with on a regular bases, testing my products is payment enough.


I wash his hair with my soaps and keep it nourished with my hair butter.


It has been amazing to watch the growth of his hair. He has beautiful, dark black, thick strong hair. At last measurement it has grown to over 18 inches. Just think, I used to braid another sons hair just as often. That all stopped when he started college at Liberty University, Criminal Justice students, need to be clean cut.  Oh, well thank God our hair never stops growing.  Another testament to the beneficial properties of the products that I create for my own family, as well as, my current and future customers.

Love you!


shea-sational michelle