Jasmine Essential Oil

“The Jasmine Effect”

Are you feeling anxious? Are you having trouble sleeping? Try our new combo pack.

Infused with Jasmine essential oil.

 Yes, this beautifully scented aroma is simply nerve soothings. Studies have shown that Jasmine can be as powerful as Valium to help you get a good night sleep! The exotic aroma soothes the nerves and uplifts the spirit into a relaxing slumber. I love that because I have trouble getting into a deep sleep at times. So I decided to create shea butter, lotion, and soap with the soothing properties of Jasmine essential oil.

Jasmine essential oil soap

Once you bathe with this soap, and moisten your skin with the lotion, and smooth out your feet and hair with the butter. You will feel perfectly relaxed and ready for a good nights rest.

Jasmine essential oil lotion                      Jasmine essential oil shea butter

I love the scent, it is pleasing to the senses. This is a new scent that we are trying in our store, and would love to have you help us see if it is a good one!

Just go to our store to place your order, you will love it!


 Adrienne, Sheasationalgoods