Is Natural Hair Safer Than Permed Hair?

When I get this question from my customers, my eye’s flash with zeal because,

this is a question that I would answer “yes” right away. I wouldn’t give it a second thought, just based on my own personal experiences with perms. But, make sure that you read the title carefully, I asked is it safer.

I have had my days of sitting in the beautician’s chair, as she slathered that cold, creamy crack onto my hair. It felt so nice and cooling at first, then the realness of it kicked in. Once the chemicals started working, It began to warm up, to a point of discomfort. It would cause me to flinch a little, my fingers held on just a little tighter to the armrest of the chair.

The Burn

If my beautician was an attentive one, then I would be rescued from the torture. Recognizing my anxiety, and the grip that my fingers held upon that arm rest. This would alert her to come and put me under the faucet, where she would run cooling water over my scalp. As she washed my hair, those wicked chemicals held on to my skin with determination. Eating away at my scalp, until it became sore. Once the perm, was completely out, she often put many creams, oils, and sprays on my hair. Giving it a beautiful, shiny, bouncy appearance.

The style lasted for about a week, if that long. My scalp would sometimes develop scabs from the burning effect of the perm. I would lose hair from one particular spot on my head of hair every single time. This perm routine did quite a bit of damage to my hair, and when I returned to the hair salon. The first suggestion would be to cut my hair to the length of the breakage. Needless to say, I never went with those suggestions.

Horror Stories

I was talking with a woman the other day, she told me that she met a medical student, who described a horrific story to her. The med student said, that when her class had to perform autopsies on African American cadavers, she was horrified.

This student had seen the scalps of these cadavers peeled back, revealing a multitude of growing bacteria. Bacteria feasting upon the flesh of the dead one. This med student was so grossed out and shocked at this, that she never put another perm on her hair. Now she shares this story with all woman that use these chemicals on their skin. Hoping to convince all woman to stop doing this to themselves. If it caused bacteria to grow on the dead, what is it doing to the living?

As a layman, I can’t answer that authoritatively. Yet, I do know how my hair and scalp reacted to having a perm. It was not safe for me. I have included a video and a couple of articles for you to see.  Hopefully, this information will help to inform you a little better about the dangers of perming your hair.