We are glad for the opportunity to provide you with healthful, moisturizing, skin and hair loving products. You will find that we take great measures to see that our products are made with the best of oils & butter. We attempt to use the very best skin loving ingredients, we use no synthetic dyes and very little preservatives.

We purchase all of our oils, butter, and other ingredients from reputable companies that swear to the pureness of their product. Companies that stand by their claims that their raw products do not contain any of the following:

Sulfates and parabens which can be very toxic to our bodies see the following articles:


We also carry a line of products that are unscented. Due to the growing number of customers requesting these soaps and lotions without scent. We understand that not everyone want or can tolerate added scents, even if it is essential oil. Not to worry, you will still get the same luxurious skin loving butter as our scented products, just without scent. So feel free to indulge.

Be assured that all of our soaps, Lotions, sprays, lip balms and any product that we sell, is first used by us. We are a family striving to live wholesome, natural, healthy safe lives. Transitioning from those companies that think it’s alright to put harmful toxins in our beauty products and foods. That it’s ok to test their poison on humans and animals. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we know what is not good for us and you. We are fed up with companies that do not care about their customer’s health.

Love you,


shea-sational michelle