Did you know that coconut & oatmeal are a great exfoliating, moisturizing combination for your skin? Every once in awhile, we need to deep cleanse the top layer of our skin to remove days of dusty, dirty build up. Facial exfoliation is great for accomplishing this, yet we often skip this part of our beauty routine.



I have found that as I age my skin appears to look older and dryer, I really needed a way to clean the old dead skin cells and at the same time providing nourishment to my face. Coconut oil & oatmeal has been the answer for me.

The finely ground oatmeal, gently exfoliates the face, removing flaky dead skin. To reveal the fresh layer of new skin underneath. Instantly revealing a brighter, youthful complexion. Now the coconut oil can penetrate, softening and healing your thirsty skin. Your skin will look younger with the reduction of the fine lines and wrinkles caused by neglect.

Remember you only need to exfoliate your facial skin once a week, twice if you have been exposed to extreme conditions during the week. The coconut oil will help to liven up your complexion, yet you will need to apply an additional moisturizer. You should never go out in the elements without additional moisturizer, particularly on your face & neck. Not only will the moisturizer protect your facial skin, it will give it a youthful glow. I can attest to this fact, people often compliment me on my youthful look.

This type of attention is enough motivation to keep me on a weekly routine of facial exfoliation. It’s skin healthy, pore cleansing and age reducing. So don’t forget to exfoliate this week!