Crucial skin moisturizing change

I have been charged with the care of a brand new baby, Yea, I am so happy!!!!

she is gorgeous, absolutely perfect. If you had asked me 8 weeks ago how many children I had, I would have told you 4 boyz……Now, ask me that same question…… I would answer a resounding, proud, happy 4 boyz and 1 gurl!!!!!! Yea, Me! I know how to spell, I ‘m just feeling giddy and young.

This little, tiny thing has awakened the new mother syndrome within me once again… She is so sweet, I want to give her the best of everything. I want to make sure that she is well cared for. I will take her to all scheduled doctor’s appointments. I will feed her all the proper foods, to ensure the most optimum nutritional health. I will see that she has plenty of social time to aide her intellectual mental health.

I pledge to keep her well groomed”.

That, of course, will mean that I must choose the best of hygienic products. ”Hygienic products”, What kind of products can there be for such a tiny thing? Well, this time around, during my new mothering thing, I am better informed. It is said that “With age comes wisdom”, I am inclined to agree with that sentiment now that I am older.

As a young mother, I really did not question the doctor’s recommendation of a certain baby product. Nor did I doubt the safety of the popular name brands baby products out there. I just naively trusted and believed that everything was safe and good for my babies.

Well, If I had only known then what I know now, I would have researched these products. I would have created my own baby safe, body butter sooner.

Well, earlier I said that this baby girl was entrusted to my care when only 6 weeks new to the world. I could see that she already suffered from some sort of the skin disease. I took her to one of those must do, scheduled appointments where I Asked the doctor about the obvious skin problem located on her neck. The doctor confirmed that it was more than likely eczema or psoriasis, then she prescribed an ointment that I had to get from the local CVS.

I applied this product for about 2 weeks, yet the problem persisted. Feeling her soft, tender, baby skin, I wondered what to do with this problem area. Having this new baby that was not quite mine yet, made me react cautiously to what I used on her skin.

Although I created homemade body butter and lotions, I had never used them on an infant. Only my older children had used my products. Not wanting to harm her skin any further, I just wasn’t sure if the pure essential oils would be too strong for her baby skin.

Then, one day I happened to be visiting one of my fellow soapers, we started talking about my baby’s skin problem. I explained to her how I had used the prescription ointment, and how it didn’t seem to work on my baby.

She then explained to me that her husband had the same problem until he started to use her goat’s milk-based butter. I thought, but his skin was older than the babies and probably wouldn’t burn from the essential oils. So, she gave me a tiny bit and told me to try it. I reluctantly took it.

I had enough to use for about a week, I must say it helped. My baby’s skins on the back of the neck began to soften just like the rest of her skin. It didn’t cause any burns or redness.

Being very pleased with the results, I began to use my own butter on her neck, which made her skin flourish. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t trust my product on the baby in the first place. It was the best thing that I could have done for her.

Her skin is gorgeous and baby soft. Whenever I take her to one of those “must do appointments”, her pediatrician is always complimenting her beautiful skin. She loves the fact that the eczema is gone and that the baby smells so delicious.

My essential oil blend for the baby is quite yummy, scented with a citrus twist. I use this butter on her hair and skin to keep them moist. I found that her skin needed the exact level of moisture that my skin & hair butter provided to keep eczema away.

Now, this experience really got me to thinking about the products that I had been using on our baby. I realized that her baby skin was just like ours only smaller. Her skin needed to be nourished and cared for, with as little chemicals as possible. So I stepped back and looked at the situation, then decided to change the baby’s entire skincare routine. She uses the same products that our entire family uses now.

Having used certain store bought lotions, makeup, hair creams and other products over the years, I had to finally stop. The thing that stopped me from using these products was that they all caused me to itch at some point.

Although I have never been professionally diagnosed by my physician I realized that I was extremely allergic to most of the products. Even when I bought the so-called hypoallergenic products, these still caused me to itch. Which is why I started making my own beauty products, I have not turned back.

Following is a list of ingredients that are in two of the lotions that my family used. Take note that one is a baby lotion and the other is hypoallergenic, I am bringing this to your attention, because of the experience that I had with my new baby girl. Also, because of the experience that I have had with skin and hair care products.

Johnson’s Baby Lotion

Equates- Hypoallergenic

1. Water


1. Water

2. Mineral oil

2. Glycerin

3. Glycerin

3. Petrolatum

4. Carbomer

4. Stearic Acid

5. Phenoxyethanol

5. Glycol Stearate

6. Ceteareth-6

6. Dimethicone

7. Methylparaben

7. Isopropyl Isostearate

8. Sodium Citrate

8. Tapioca Starch

9. Fragrance

9. Cetyl Alcohol

10.Stearyl Alcohol

10. Glyceryl Stearate

11. Sodium Hydroxide

11. Magnesium aluminum silicate


12. Carbomer


13. Ethylene Brassylate

14. Butyrospermum Parkii- Shea butter

14. Triethanolamine

15. Theobroma (Cacao) seed butter

15. Disodium EDTA

16.Citric Acid

16. Phenoxyethanol

17. Methylparaben

18. Propylparaben

19. Titanium Dioxide

I looked at the labels to compare the ingredients, only to realize that I didn’t know what half of the ingredients were. I wondered why these lotions didn’t help to take eczema from my babies skin? why they caused me to itch? The ingredients list was so long, what were these things? After searching the definitions, I couldn’t believe what I found. You look at them and see what you think. I have attached a few of the articles that I found during my research.

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