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I have attached an article that is so sad considering the topic. These women having to defend that they have flaws.  Women need the freedom to be themselves when they’re alone or in the publics eye.  If I have short hair, flawed skin or pimples on my nose, that is my personal business. why isn’t the same for them?

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I’m sure that when most females, as well as, males go out from the privacy of their homes, most want to look his or her best.  But, in our private homes we should have the freedom to just “be”. One shouldn’t have to worry about putting on makeup, curling our hair, or dressing to perfection.


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I thank God for my looks, even though I am growing old. I thank God for the beauty of my skin color, for He chose the shade. Most of all, I truly thank Him for the beauty of holiness. Our self-value should be in Him.

Thanks to these ladies that showed us they are comfortable in their own skin, yet not held captive by the fake. Yet, they can also put on the glamour when needed. I don’t think anyone looks drop dead gorgeous everyday, give them some grace.



love you,



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