Inspiration for my hair and skin products

adrienne-brownAfter I left my mothers home to live on my own, I decided that I wanted to perm my hair. Up to this point my hair had only been pressed (Metal comb placed on a stove burner until hot). Natural, but temporarily manipulated with heat for a straight look. My grandmother usually kept up my hair style, so, when it came to straightening hair, I didn’t have the first idea as to what I needed to do. So, I decided that I would get a perm. This was the start of my hairs demise. I spent many years trying to achieve a look, that I had learned, to accept as the best way to style any hair type.  But, as I moved through this journey, My hair became different. I noticed that it was dry and scraggly looking. The other very noticeable thing, was that the red pigments in my hair showed up abundantly.  One of  my friends that helped me to put the perm in my hair would always question why I wanted a perm.  For as the perm had worn from my roots, she could see my natural texture, thus prompting her question as to why? I never understood what she meant, until I went completely natural.

I just stopped getting perms, period. I didn’t do the big chop, I didn’t do anything except, I stopped getting perms on my hair. Let me tell you, ever since then, I have never loved the texture of my hair more. I now understood, what my friend meant. My natural hair was just fine. I didn’t need a perm to appreciate its luster, length and styling ability.  I needed to  learn exactly how to care for my hair, in order to realize the best beauty regime for “my” hair and “my” beauty esteem.  The store bought products that I was using,  just did not work on my hair. I didn’t know which products were best for me, or what type of hair I had (yet, I knew that the texture differed in some sections within the my hair).

happy-pear-treeThis sparked a serious curiosity and search.  I Listened to so many young ladies that were natural, for the first time I was truly learning about my hair. Unlearning some of the habits that kept my hair in a state of arrested development.  After much research, trial  and error, I finally discovered a combination of oils and butters that absolutely nourished my hair.  In addition, after using this same hair butter on my seven week old baby, I was able to completely take away the effects of eczema from the base of her hairline and face.  Then my teenage sons began to request my nourishing hair and skin butter. My friends and family, they began to offer me money to make batches for them. Wow, this was amazing, considering I was only trying to learn how  to care for my own hair.  After, testing the sale of my products out at farmers markets and other venues.  I decided to launch my own website offering these products to the public. Hopefully, you will enjoy the wonderful benefits of my creations,  just as my friends and family do!  Thank you and God bless!