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Jasmine Essential Oil

“The Jasmine Effect” Are you feeling anxious? Are you having trouble sleeping? Try our new combo pack. Infused with Jasmine essential oil.  Yes, this beautifully scented aroma is simply nerve soothings. Studies have shown that Jasmine can be as powerful as Valium to help you get a good night sleep! The exotic aroma soothes the nerves and […]

Essential oil scents

It is so sad for me when I us up a bottle of my delicious scents. It means that, I will have to order more, and It means that I will have to wait. So, I like to take pictures of the empty bottles just for a visual to remember what I had. I am […]

New Soap Boxes

These are some new soap boxes that my husband made for me the other day. He made 7 in all, with these I can now make 8, 5lb batches of soap a day. That’s progress for me, considering I only had one 5lb box before! I’m so very pleased! They are not perfect, but they […]


Did you know that coconut & oatmeal are a great exfoliating, moisturizing combination for your skin? Every once in awhile, we need to deep cleanse the top layer of our skin to remove days of dusty, dirty build up. Facial exfoliation is great for accomplishing this, yet we often skip this part of our beauty […]

Help with Eczema & Psoriasis

I have been charged with the care of a brand new baby, Yea, I am so happy!!!! she is gorgeous, absolutely perfect. If you had asked me 8 weeks ago how many children I had, I would have told you 4 boyz……Now, ask me that same question…… I would answer a resounding, proud, happy 4 […]