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All of our products are hand-made from natural, organic ingredients.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

                                             I have attached an article that is so sad considering the topic. These women having to defend that they have flaws.  Women need the freedom to be themselves when they’re alone or in […]

Shea Butter My Sweet Balm

I wanted to share a natural fact with my current and future customers about the kinds of butter I choose to use in my products. I use both the unrefined and the refined Shea butter in my body butter and lotions. This is a choice that I have rested upon, based on my personal experience […]


We are glad for the opportunity to provide you with healthful, moisturizing, skin and hair loving products. You will find that we take great measures to see that our products are made with the best of oils & butter. We attempt to use the very best skin loving ingredients, we use no synthetic dyes and […]


Did you know that coconut & oatmeal are a great exfoliating, moisturizing combination for your skin? Every once in awhile, we need to deep cleanse the top layer of our skin to remove days of dusty, dirty build up. Facial exfoliation is great for accomplishing this, yet we often skip this part of our beauty […]

Help with Eczema & Psoriasis

I have been charged with the care of a brand new baby, Yea, I am so happy!!!! she is gorgeous, absolutely perfect. If you had asked me 8 weeks ago how many children I had, I would have told you 4 boyz……Now, ask me that same question…… I would answer a resounding, proud, happy 4 […]

My First Memory of My Haircare

My hair journey has been one of unintentional ups and devastating downs. I went for years trying to style my hair. Comb it to look its best, in ways that I thought looked nice for me. I really hadn’t given the science of caring for my hair much thought. I just mimicked what I saw […]