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Hey Guys, I have been trying to find things that will help me with my healthy journey. I think this method may be helpful. check it out for yourselves! Dr. Chutkan explaining her thoughts with  little more details:  

Be Your Own Kind of Beauty

Don’t let someone else idea of beauty, define you or yours!      You have to “be your own kind of beauty”  A printed quote that I found on a beautiful sticky wall art poster, at the dollar store. I couldn’t wait to plaster it over my children’s bedroom doors.  I am thinking about this because my […]

Lemon Love Mix & Match

Do you love the fresh scent of  Lemon, Lemongrass or Lavender? Then you should try mixing our soaps and lotions to get the full aromatic effect!  We will ship to you anywhere in the country! or We also offer hook-ups for our local customers! Are better yet, Come down to the Stonefield Farmers Market in Charlottesville,  to get yours! […]


Jasmine Essential Oil

“The Jasmine Effect” Are you feeling anxious? Are you having trouble sleeping? Try our new combo pack. Infused with Jasmine essential oil.  Yes, this beautifully scented aroma is simply nerve soothings. Studies have shown that Jasmine can be as powerful as Valium to help you get a good night sleep! The exotic aroma soothes the nerves and […]

BBQ, Bands & Brews 2016

Giving snacks to our officers in Fluvanna county, missed the female officer, we’ll catch up with her next year! Thanks for your service! — Shea’SationalGoods (@SheaSational) October 5, 2016